The HOLIDAYS have officially begun!

We would like to be the first to say Happy Holidays, and to wish you and your family a very pleasant season this year.

Its tradition in some parts of the world, to join a shopping frenzy that officially launches the shopping season for the Holiday, and begins a countdown to Christmas.

We are going big for you all because you know we LOVE you. Below is the just activated link for our BLACK FRIDAY DISCOUNT of 15% on the entire inventory. This is only available thru the 27th of November and to ensure you get what you want, in the size you want, it is encouraged to act quickly. Share at will, there is no limitations for use within this period. 

The only pillar that must be met is a minimum purchase of $40USD 

Thanks to all our customers globally for an amazing year, lets get the best part of it underway. Use and SHARE the link below to claim your 15% discount

Code: youknowwhatiswhat


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