There is nothing more important than protecting our only HOME.  

The only habitable planet that we are able to be sustained on, yet we seem almost destined to destroy it. 

It is true that the smallest voice is amplified when others join along. This is our mission in this space. We wish to provide awareness with each design, that you can then use as your voice every day, anywhere you want. 

As with all of our Apparel, we have vetted the supply chain, the materials, and working conditions, and we will continue to use our voice, amplified with each purchase, to continue steering this industry toward full sustainability. The time is Now.

There is NO PLAN-et B!


With Every purchase made with BEIER Designs, a portion is delegated to projects we are involved in, which are protecting Native Forests in their pristine state and absorbing Carbon and Methane from our Atmosphere.

38 products

38 products